Cross Connection Control Program

Sion Improvement District is required by its condition on operating permit to develop and implement a CCCP.  The Interior Health is not involved with implementation and enforcement of bylaws.

The Sion Improvement District’s proposed back flow preventive device was reviewed by IH public Health Engineer and such device meets the current best practices and literatures for protecting water systems from back flow risks associated with irrigation connections.

If you have further concerns and wish to contact the Interior Health officer about SION's back flow preventive device requirement of this ByLaw the contact information is below:

Pouria Mojtahedi, B.Sc, B.Tech, CPHI(C)

Specialist Environmental Health Officer

Drinking Water Systems Program

Environmental Public Health, Interior Health

Room 28, 813 10th Street, Castlegar, BC. V1N 2H7

Bus: (250) 365-4311, Cell: (250) 551-1911, Fax: (250) 365-4344

EMAIL:  --> (COVID-19 Update from Pouria - If you have any questions or otherwise need to contact me, please use my cell or email as I’m staying out of my office as much as possible. Email is the preferred and quickest method.)


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